Monday, August 29, 2011


We were here November of 2010.  We really had a relaxing time, specially because there were no other guests that day, so we have the place exclusively for ourselves.

Entrance to the Resort

The place is very private, really good for couples and families, however, we had a hard time finding it... we stopped to ask for directions several times (or maybe it was just us, since it's our first time to go there).  It's in a major highway in San Pablo, but we passed by several zig zag roads,  before we got there.  

The place is big, so we have to ride in a trolley

It was drizzling on our way to the resort, thank God it stopped when we reached the place.
You will see this all around the place (I don't know what it's called)

 This stairway leads to the pool's slide, the pic below is the view from above 


We really like the way the living quarters were constructed, they call it "Casitas" which look like hobbit houses.  What's inside is a fully furnished house, with a receiving area, a balcony, a small dining area, a 24-inch LCD TV, and a really modern comfort room.  The pic on the left is the facade, there's even a short walkway before you reach the door, the pic on the right shows the back area, where the balcony is located.

The resort has a huge swimming pool and a jacuzzi.  It was too cold since it rained, so we just swam for a couple of minutes.

 Got this from their website so you can see how big the pool is

What we loved most:  
- The hobbit houses
- The furniture inside the house
- The privacy the place offers 
- The way their staff took care of us
- Their spa facilities, loved the cat figurines inside the waiting area. 

 Here are the rest of our pics...

 Reception area, waiting for our bill

This really looks nice in person, specially the big lanterns hanging from the ceiling
In front of the Spa

Will we go back?  - Yes, this is one place that we always recommend to our friends.

Will you try this place on your next date?

Enjoy and God bless, 

"May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else." 
 1 Thessalonians 3:12

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